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Natural feed for larvae and juveniles of all types of fish, shrimp and crustaceans
bottle 100 ml
bottle 250 ml

"Embryo" is a natural, ready for incubation and consumption feed for all types of fish and shrimp larvae, commercial fish farming and aquaristics. "Embryo" is an amazing alternative to dry artemia cysts, which proved high efficiency and ease of use as a live feed.

Incubation of these decapsulated cysts has its advantages: there is no need to separate nauplii from the shell. The process of decapsulation takes place in an environment that is extremely harmful to pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in complete sterility of the product.

"Embryo" is elementary in incubation, after which you will get a 100% edible biomass that consists of nauplii and decapsulated cysts. It is easy to use and store and does not contain additional dyes and preservatives.

Storage conditions: store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight, preferably at a temperature of 4-8C.

Incubation recommendations for “Embryo”:

• Thoroughly shake the bottle with the “Embryo” and pour the required amount into the gauze. Rinse well with a tap water and wring the rests.

• Thoroughly flush the incubator with water.

• Fill the incubator with filtered water and add salt at a rate of 22-25 g (3 level tablespoons) per liter of water

• To improve the quality and sterility of water, add 3% of hydrogen peroxide (1ml H2O2 / 1 liter of brine).

• Keep the water temperature at 26 ° - 30 °, do not allow it to rise above 30 °. The illumination level of 2000 lux should be maintained throughout the incubation.

• Incubate up to 5 g of Embryo (around 1 level teaspoon) per 1 liter of brine solution. Provide good aeration from the bottom of the incubator.

• After the incubation, collect and wash nauplii with a tap water. Embryo” is ready for use!

Ingredients: decapsulated artemia cysts in a neutral liquid.

Product specification № 

Biochemical composition:

Dry matter  > 50%

Protein > 50 %

Fat < 5%

Ash < 15%

Energy value: 450 kcal/100 g of dry matter